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TRISA Envoy: An Open Source Node

TRISA has released an open source node called “Envoy” that may help your organization quickly get up and running with both the TRISA and TRP protocols. If you’re interested, schedule a demo today!

The goal of the Travel Rule Information Sharing Architecture (TRISA) is to enable compliance with the FATF and FinCEN Travel Rules for cryptocurrency transaction identity information without modifying core blockchain protocols, and without incurring increased transaction costs or modifying virtual currency peer-to-peer transaction flows. The TRISA protocol and specification is defined by the TRISA Working Group; to learn more about the specification, please read the current version of the TRISA whitepaper.

This site contains the developer documentation for the TRISA protocol and reference implementation which can be found at The TRISA protocol is defined as a gRPC API to facilitate language-agnostic, high-performance, peer-to-peer services between Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) that must implement Travel Rule compliance solutions. Both the API and message interchange format are defined via protocol buffers, which can be found in the protos directory of the repository. In addition, a reference implementation in the Go programming language has been made available in the pkg directory of the repository. In the future, other implementations will be made available as library code for specific languages, found in the lib directory of the repository.

Please visit the API Documentation for more information about the TRISA package.

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