The TRISA Global Directory Service is managed by administrators appointed by the TRISA board to support and vet VASPs registering to join the TRISA network. TRISA Admins have the following primary responsibilities:

  1. Review new VASP registrations and vet them for access.
  2. Administrate the certificate authority on behalf of TRISA.
  3. Provide technical support and advice to VASPs.
  4. Manage the GDS system and TestNet.

This section of the documentation is specifically focused on the workflows for TRISA admins.

Admin UI

Each network is controlled by a single GDS, which defines the peers in the network and allocates certificate authority resources (e.g. right now we have a MainNet and a TestNet that are defined by two independent GDS systems). Each GDS is managed by an administrative UI to allow TRISA admins to manage the members in the network.

Access to the Admin UI is limited to TRISA administrators; it is not accessible to the general public or members of the TRISA network. If you wish to view the public-facing landing page for the TRISA Global Directory Service, please visit If you require support accessing your TRISA administrator account to the Admin UI, please contact

This documentation will be expanded in the future to include common workflows and describe the vetting process and requirements for administration via the Admin UI.