Working with TRISA Data

This section of the documentation contains resources for developers who are working with TRISA data, such as:

  • IVMS101: TRISA uses the IVMS101 standard to describe participants in cryptographic transactions. Learn more in our documentation about working with IVMS101.

  • SecureEnvelopes: The primary data structure for a TRISA exchange is the SecureEnvelope, a wrapper for compliance payload data that facilitates peer-to-peer trust in compliance information exchanges. Learn more in our documentation about creating and parsing Secure Envelopes.

  • Data Payloads: A TRISA Payload contains information to be securely exchanged for Travel Rule compliance. The payload is serialized and encrypted to be sent in a SecureEnvelope. Learn more in our documentation about different types of Payloads in TRISA.

  • Signing and Sealing Keys: Your TRISA node will need to handle keys in a variety of formats, such as x.509 certificates on disk or marshaled data when sending keys in TRISA key exchanges. The Key Handler package provides helpful utilities for managing public/private key pairs used for sealing and unsealing SecureEnvelopes. Learn more in our documentation about the Key Handler package.